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billionaires grand lake

We read that the British anti-hunger organization, Oxfam, had released a report saying that the wealthiest 100 people in the world made enough money last year to eliminate extreme poverty in the world four times – that means a quarter of the money they made in one year could wipe out all the poverty in the world.  This is truly an astounding statistic, especially at this time when we’re seeing deep cuts to the fragile safety net that so many in this country and other countries depend on for survival.  We live in a time when scarcity is taken for granted, but the only real scarcity is of compassion.

We can’t wait for these billionaires to decide that they want to give enough of their wealth to charity to eliminate unnecessary suffering.  They won’t do it.  Most of this money came from other people’s labor.  The people have a right to it, and taxation is the answer.

billionaires berkeley with person

This install in downtown Berkeley stayed up for a week until we replaced it with the next one. Now it’s hanging somewhere in Oakland.

The Oxfam press release calls for:

  • a reversal of the trend towards more regressive forms of taxation;
  • a global minimum corporation tax rate;
  • measures to boost wages compared with returns available to capital;
  • increased investment in free public services and safety nets.

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