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Homos Strike Back 4-13

Professional Islamophobe Pamela Geller’s new campaign was specifically intended to provoke the LGBT community.

Well she ought to know that when we’re provoked, we get active.

Let’s be clear:  we abhor and condemn homophobia and transphobia wherever they exist.  We oppose fundamentalist governments from Arkansas to Saudi Arabia.  But queers will fight our own battles in our own ways in every country where we live and we will NOT be used to promote hatred, ignorance and violence.

The silence in the media and social networks about this latest outrage by Geller and her ilk make us very frightened.  She cannot be allowed to succeed in normalizing anti-Islamic hate speech on our streets and wearing down the opposition to her attacks.

Resistance is hard but it is not futile.  We will continue to act with joy and love against hate and we will triumph.

homos strike close