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HP in BerkeleyStreet Cred and BAAQUP commend the UC Berkeley Student Senate for its vote Wednesday night to divest from companies profiting from Israeli occupation.  The student senators voted 11-9 to divest its funds from Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar and Cement Roadstone Holdings, and recommended that the UC Regents do so as well.

Caterpillar sells armored bulldozers to the Israeli military.  The bulldozers are frequently used to demolish Palestinian homes, in violation of international law.  One such bulldozer killed U.S. solidarity activist Rachel Corrie in Gaza in 2003.  A Hewlett Packard subsidiary sells biometric technology to the Israeli government to track the movement of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  Similar technology was supplied to the South African government by Polaroid and IBM, which were key targets of the U.S. divestment movement that helped to topple South African apartheid in the 1980s.  congrats ASUC bottom

Cement Roadstone Holdings owns 25% of Mashav Initiating and Development, parent company of Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises. Nesher provided cement for the construction of the separation wall, checkpoints, West Bank settlements and Israeli construction in the occupied territories.

The Berkeley vote was the fourth at a UC Campus in the last few months.  The UC Riverside senate passed a similar resolution a few weeks ago, but then overturned it under pressure from Zionists on campus.  A resolution at Santa Barbara was narrowly defeated last week.  The UC Irvine senate passed its resolution in November.

Street Cred members installed bus shelter posters in downtown Berkeley and at the Bancroft and Telegraph entrance to campus, congratulating the student senate for its courageous action for justice.

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