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Installed at Harvey Milk Plaza, Castro & Market

Installed at Harvey Milk Plaza, Castro & Market

Last week, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Committee rescinded the selection of military whistleblower Bradley Manning as an honorary grand marshal of this year’s parade.  According to the flood of articles about the decision-making process, the committee was pressured by LGBT military organizations to withdraw the invitation.  Manning was elected grand marshal by the SF Pride “Electoral College,” which is composed of past community grand marshals, and they are supposed to choose someone from “the community.”  So one part of the debate has centered on who is our “community”.

We in BAAQUP (which includes at least one former grand marshal) say that our community is people who follow their conscience and do not remain silent when they see war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed.  We see Manning as more worthy of being honored than the big banks and other corporations who pay to put their names and banners all over the parade.

Take action!  Tell the Pride Committee to stand up for justice.