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For six years, Bay Area activists have been pressuring Frameline, the oldest and largest LGBT film festival in the world, to end its partnership with the Israeli government.  Although Frameline publicly claimed that they are “neutral,” last year, a packet of documents was leaked (our very own Wikileak!) documenting Frameline’s close collaboration with the consulate and Zionist organizations to suppress progressive queer voices.

Five years ago, Frameline staff met with activists and queer Palestinians and seemed to distance itself from the consulate.  But three years ago, under new leadership and increased pressure from the consulate, they renewed the relationship.  Since then, they have refused to meet with activists on the issue.

This year writers Angela Davis and Alice Walker and filmmakers Susan Stryker, Barbara Hammer, Roya Rastegar and Kim Klausner joined many others in calling on Frameline to drop Israeli sponsorship.  And for the first time, filmmakers declined to show their work at the festival over the issue.  But Frameline once again chose to ignore our cry for justice and partner with apartheid.

Activists will gather outside the opening night gala for a rousing and rowdy protest.  Frameline:  Stop Pinkwashing Apartheid.

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