ice poster berkeley
installed in downtown Berkeley

We are so inspired by the courage and creativity of the immigrant rights movement.  Especially the young people who have grown up in the U.S. have been willing to risk losing everything they have ever known.

In mid-October, activists in Tucson, Arizona, took one of the most dramatic actions yet, blockading a number of buses as they tried to leave an Immigrations & Customs Enforcement facility to take people to detention centers or airports to be deported.  (Arizona activists had done a similar blockade in August.)

One week later, a group in San Francisco did the same thing.  The action was not publicized, requiring a certain amount of secrecy to enable it to come off, but one of us happened to be walking by the ICE building at the time that it was blockaded, and was so inspired, she was late to an event where she was meeting friends.

Let a million such actions bloom!

ice blocked installed bottom

ice posgter fruitvale with people

In Oakland’s Fruitvale district, where daily ICE patrols create a climate of terror for families

ice berkeley people