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The day after the attack at Charlie Hebdo and the murders at the kosher grocery store in Paris, one of us texted another – “Get ready, Pam Geller’s going to come to town.”  Less than two hours later, posters equating Islam with Nazism appeared on San Francisco Muni Buses.

Bigotry busters sprang into action, enlisting the help of Kamala Khan, a Marvel comics superhero.  BAAQUP and Street Cred commend Marvel for taking a different road than Charlie Hebdo, using the power of comics for good.

“Just because you have the right to say something, doesn’t mean you should say it,” said J, one of the street artists who headed out to run down the buses on Sunday.  “Free speech can still have a cost.”

Kamala won’t let racism go unchallenged in our town, and neither will we!

Kamala Stamp Out Far

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