This work samples an evolving series of campaigns aimed at disturbing the status quo by shaking up people’s consciousness.  Our goals are to inspire other artists and other revolutionaries, and to raise your spirits and our own through creative resistance.

We are a loose collective of arts activists with a long history of liberating public spaces and creating images to challenge the control of our lives by corporations, government and the assumptions promoted by mass media.

We invite you to join us.  Tour our campaigns and create your own.  We can’t be that specific about all the techniques we use, but we can tell you all  it really takes is determination and friends.  We are always looking to hook up with other groups of artists and activists, so that together we may blossom into a full-fledged force for social change.

We are Advertising for the People.  We challenge the hegemony of corporate messaging and reclaim advertising spaces to create unmediated dialogue with our community.

Where art is possible, change is possible.  If we can change the images on our streets, we can change our reality as well.


1 thought on “About BAAQUP”

  1. adrian brooks said:

    Please get in touch with me so I can contribute to your work. I have emailed before, alas, without getting a reply. I am a lifelong gay artist and activist and I love what you do and want to help in various ways. Thank you. Adrian Brooks

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