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Palestine BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions)

In the spring of 2009, the University of California , Berkeley agreed to renew its Study Abroad in Israel program.  The University had discontinued the program because it believed the area was too dangerous.  Zionist organizations lobbied hard to change the university’s mind.

When they succeeded, the local public relations company BlueStar took out ads in bus shelters to promote the program.  BAAQUP decided to let students know that if they decided to go study in Israel, they would be breaking the Palestinian and international boycott of Israel.  We were able to get into the bus shelters and modify the ads.

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Clothing manufacturer H&M decided to open stores in Israel, even after European activists asked them to honor the international boycott.

Queer Liberation, Not Assimilation

When, The Human Rights Campaign put up these ads in the Castro, encouraging people to various buy rainbow trinkets produced in sweatshops in Asia, we decided to let them and our community know that’s not our idea of liberation.


Saying No to Hate Speech

When the radical Zionist group Stand With Us posted inflammatory and racist posters in Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations, BAAQUP didn’t wait for the bureaucrats to act.  We remade their ads into something more positive.

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2 thoughts on “Sample Work”

  1. Adrian Brooks said:

    ps I just sent you a letter and confirmed it (thanks to your email). I’d like to contribute to your work. I’m a lifelong gay artist and activist and I’d love it if someone from your group would get in touch with me. Thank you again for the wonderful gutsy things that you’re doing. You really are true to the original brave and humane spirit of SF and I salute you.

  2. Deborah Svoboda (deb) said:

    Hi, I am a photography intern at the KQED. I am also a photojournalism student at SFSU. My final for photo lighting class is a portrait series on political artists. The Q is interested in publishing it. I want to be full reaching and cover a wide range of types of arts, artists and causes. The theme is people who create art to create change in the world. I’ve got several fantastic artists on board already.

    As street art and liberating public spaces are the most revolutionary form of political art, I would absolutely love to include you in this. I was wondering if there’s anyway to photograph one (or several) of you..because you are perfect in every way. I can promise that we can do it in a way where you will stay anonymous. I understand security culture and we can think of creative ways to highlight your art and show you without actually showing you. Please think on it. I believe that I have another anonymous street artist on board too. I’d be happy to meet and talk about it, with no camera.

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